I'm Back And Doing Yoga

Hello Friends...I'm Back! 
It feels a little strange to sit down and write a blog again. 
So much has happened and it's a bit hard to figure out where to start.

When people ask what I've been up & why I haven’t posted anything new, I usually say I’ve been doing "research" which is sort of true. Research can involve everything from attending the porn convention, going to sex ed conferences and banging! When I finally reflected on why I really hadn’t been posting blogs, the answer I came to was fear. Fear of offending others or being judged for my opinions made me feel my voice didn’t matter. I realized I was allowing fear to stop me from expressing myself and it didn’t feel good. 

Then a few months ago a new man was elected president of the United States. During the whole campaign I remember saying to myself, if this man (He Who Should Not Be Named) becomes president and can do or say whatever the fuck he wants then so can I, this is Merica right?! I understand now more than ever there aren't many voices like mine so it's important for me to be open, honest, and real! This is a blog after all, a tool used by individuals like me to share their experiences & opinions.

Initially my mission with this blog was to express myself and help educate people thru their sexual journey. I think I've opened a few minds along the way and I intend to keep my mission alive so I'm going to share something very intimate & personal with you. For about a year I’ve been practicing Orgasmic Yoga. 

Yes, you are reading the words ORGASMIC YOGA!!!!!!!!
Yes, we have orgasms but its not like traditional yoga. 
There are no specific poses, you can strike whatever pose you choose. 
In short it’s a “solo communal embodiment practice” facilitated by my good friend and teacher Dr. Victoria Reuveni. It does not involve yoga in the way you might think but it does encourage conscious breath, movement, sound, touch, dance, and placement of attention and intentions.

Here are the rules from Dr. V’s website:
·         There is no touching of others (even if you’re attending with a partner)
·         There is no eye gazing - a soft, appreciative gaze that does not linger is okay
·         You may be as clothed or unclothed as you feel comfortable
·         You participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Nothing is required so long as you keep within the boundaries and are respectful of the group and the space. If you simply wish to breathe, fully clothed that’s completely welcome.

Photo provided by Dr.Victoria Reuveni

Let Yo Booty Do That Yoga
Curious about how it works? To start we gather in a circle, usually in a group of 7-10 people. Dr. Victoria leads with a description of OY and the rules.  We then go around the room with each person saying how they’re sitting in their body. Next we're encouraged to set intentions for this time of connection. The idea is to connect with our entire body not just our genitals, giving attention to areas we usually ignore or dislike. We’re then given time to change and build a nest with yoga mats, blankets, pillows, & towels (always bring a towel;). Since clothing is optional, some people are completely naked while others like me keep some clothing on. I normally wear short cotton dresses that makes me feel sexy & comfy.

Here's what I take to OY!

Once everyone returns to the circle, the lights are dimmed and a 45 minute playlist of sultry tunes sets the mood. We are prompted to move around, sit, dance, do yoga if you want or not, you really can move in whatever way feels good to you. In this space we're invited to make noise and often times I'm immersed in the sounds of moans, erotic breathing and sometimes laughter. I bet most of us learned to be very quite while masturbating for fear of being caught. In my opinion, orgasms are supposed to be loud and expressive. Your body is feeling pleasure, enjoy it & let go! Everyone knows I love porn which has its place in the masturbation practice however the idea here is to stay present and not fantasize. Usually when we masturbate we’re focused on orgasm but during this time the focus is about exploring your body and experiencing new sensations. Once the playlist winds down we get a 2 song warning, then 5 minutes of "silent savoring" before coming back to the circle to discuss how we feel in our bodies after the session.

I guess at first I was a little nervous about masturbating in a group setting but I was open to the idea of connecting to my big beautiful body on another level and thought I'd give OY a try. I've had some very emotional experiences in the room where I’ve started crying just from placing my hands over my heart and throat. I've also had some intense universe expanding orgasms too! I believe sexual energy is powerful and elevates our understanding of what brings us joy. The most fulfilling part for me is being in the practice with others. When sexual energy converges some amazing things happen. Just being surrounded by others on their journey of loving themselves is truly empowering.

Photo provided by Dr.Victoria Reuveni

Me choosing to dive into OY really had to do with Dr. Victoria! I've volunteered with her at the Center for Positive Sexuality for a few years now and I just love her! I knew if I attended any class she was teaching I was in good hands. She knows how to create a safe & welcoming space for all. Victoria’s class is super sex positive, bringing all races, genders, and body types together to partake in the "juiciness" as she would say!

Soooo...when was the last time you spent 45 minutes concentrating on your breath and body? Give OY a shot at home if you think you can focus on stimulating yourself for that long without being distracted or reaching for your iPad to watch some porn. If you're open to experience this radical practice unlike any other in person, contact Dr. Feelgood, I mean Dr. Victoria Reuveni below. The next class is this Sunday March 26 night and I'll be there!

If you have questions or want to learn more about Dr. Victoria Reuveni and Orgasmic Yoga at: http://sexologistvixenne.com (may not be safe for work)

I encourage you all to stay open and explore new ways of experiencing joy outside your comfort zone!

XXX & Multiple OOOOOOO's 

PS - Click here if you don't know the song Yoga by Janelle Monae which is where the the subtitle title "Let Yo Booty Do That Yoga" came from. You should definitely watch the video on youtube!


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